ZEBRA® - sound trademarks

ZEBRA® is registered trademark, No.: 201471220.

In ZEBRA® department we create and protect sound trademarks.
Trademarks that sound are sound trademarks. 



A sound trademark denotes the goods or services of companies in the market.

Registered sound trademark, such as ours, you can hear.


 Igor Hodak

Head of Sound Trademarks

E: info@ketner.si

Responsible for creating sound trademarks, professor of music, composer, music producer, audio engineer, consultant



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Listen and enjoy when selling your products and services!

"The sound of the summer is caught in the poem of the winter.
The melody of the sun is carved into a rock.
The dance of the future is created in this very moment.
The poetry of the day is written in the rain." By Meti Ketner
























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